Kangaroo OMNI™ Educational Tool - Demo

Educational Training
Work through the full demo tool following prompts and then click above to generate your certificate of completion.

Introducing the Kangaroo OMNI™ Enteral Feeding Pump, designed to adapt to changing patient needs and deliver nutrition and hydration across the entire continuum of care. Advanced features and robust technology make the Kangaroo OMNI™ Enteral Feeding Pump the one pump that you need to deliver optimal patient care from hospital to home and beyond.

Learn how to use our newest enteral feeding pump through this module, which is comprised of two videos and an interactive practice pump tool which will help you to become familiarized, trained, and certified with Kangaroo OMNI™. The first video will walk you through setting up and operating the Kangaroo OMNI™ Enteral Feeding Pump, including loading a feeding set, turning on night mode, reviewing feeding history, and more. The second video will explain the common alarms and notifications of the pump, as well as how to quickly resolve them. Lastly, with the practice pump tool, you'll learn how to program the Kangaroo OMNI™ Enteral Feeding Pump, understand its components, troubleshoot and much more. Once you've practiced, you can test your knowledge and obtain your personalize certificate.

Please refer to your Kangaroo OMNI™ Enteral Feeding Pump instructions for use for a complete list of your pump’s operations, features, and warnings.


March 3, 2024


March 3, 2025